The End

I started this blog as a class assignment in MKTG-370 Social Media and the majority of the posts here were initially posted for a grade however, it has become more. I realized the value of having a place where I can tell the story of how and why Big Easy Beard Co came to be. In the class, I studied how to create a blog (still learning) the value of social media to my brand and how to utilize them better. I learned about platforms to tell my story and why Big Easy Beard Co exists and what it can be. The platforms I chose to focus on for the brand is YouTube with Big Easy Beard Co or this blog. I have decided to focus on utilizing Facebook and Instagram to provide real-time updates on what’s going on with the company and as stores for selling the product. If you were paying attention, I also played with podcasts I may try that again later but for now, that was it.
The thing about this class is it helped me to look at new ways to grow the brand and put it in spaces that didn’t exist before. LinkedIn was one of those places, I had focused my use of social media on advertising and selling products I never thought of how else I could use it. LinkedIn provided a place for the brand to grow as a brand and not just my project. As I continue to grow the brand and tell the story behind it the blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will play a larger role going forward. Stay tuned for my Vlogs and blogs but don’t hold your breather for another podcast anytime soon and look me up on Linked In and Facebook links are at the bottom of the blog page.


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